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Zartaj Waseem

CEO Pakistan Space Science Education Centre

Tanzeela Khan

Founder Girlythings.pk


Founder Aurat Raaj

Aisha Sarwari

Head of Sustainability and Communications at JAZZ


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KRS Success Stories

When I missed out my way, Khawateen Rozgar gave me the platform to prove the skills that I have. I am who I am today because of KRS.


Going through hardest of crests and troughs? Khawateen Rozgar Services resolved my worries, they surely can resolve yours too!

Anum Khan

Khawateen Rozgar Services has enabled me to find the best position in a respectable organisation. I highly appreciate the efforts of the company and entire team.

Anum Saleem

I struggled a lot to find a place where I can learn the practical aspects of accountancy but could not. Khawateen Rozgar Services helped me in fulfilling my dream. They placed me in a well-reputed organization and helped me to excel further in my career.

Fazeela Rehman

It is an honor for me to be a part of khawateen rozgaar services. After the completion of my internship, now I am a social media officer. Alhamdulliah, the journey is going very well and the gateway for me to new opportunities is opening day by day

Tanzeela Sajjad Akhunzadi

Khawateen Rozgar Services (KRS) connected me to a well-reputed organization where I got to learn a lot. I had a wonderful experience working in the organization they placed me in as they took good care of me. KRS makes sure that they connect females with the organizations that provide a safe and secure

Nida Ayub

I was looking for job since March 2019. I recently joined Facebook page of Khawateen Rozgar services who are working for the empowerment of women and this is a great platform for females. They recommended me for a suitable job. I am highly obliged for their friendly and warm attitude. This platform is highly recommended for job searching.

Ammara Iqbal

We women always stay behind in the race of opportunities because of lack of awareness since we don't know the market place. Khawateen Rozgar has made it extremely easy for me as it provides everything on the plate. I am highly satisfied with my upcoming journey that KRS has set for me which empowers me! Keep the good work up

Mehvish Rehman

Khawateen Rozgaar is a wonderful initiative for women seeking to lead their lives with dignity and independence. I myself consulted them when i required a job. The way they carried out the whole process of selection and recruitment was undoubtedly very professional.

Nadia Wazir

I was looking for a job and I came across the advertisment of khawateen rozgar services through facebook group that I joined recently and applied for it. Yes! I got my job as a graphic designer perfectly suitable for me because this is what I was looking for and KRS choose the right place for me. The behavior, work attitude and process of KRS services is exceptionally good.

Uroojh Zarim

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