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About Our Company

KRS provides job opportunities to females. We are connection between the best matched female human resource and employers.

Khawateen Rozgar Services was formed in August 2018 in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan for the purpose of empowering women in Pakistan. Khawateen Rozgar Services is a Private Limited Company which works for the uplifting of stature of women and creates job opportunities by linking Khawateen with organizations and industries. An engaging platform is provided by the company for the empowerment of women and works to establish a strong connection between Women and the job market. The organizations/industries place their demand of female human resource to Khawateen Rozgar Services and the entity shortlists the best matched female human resource through a rigorous process of selection.

KRS ensures safety by making personal visits to the employers who decide to avail our services. The environment is evaluated on some key points set by KRS. Based on the evaluation, KRS decides if they should provide their services to the employer or not.

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To be the largest women empowerment company that empowers Khawateen in every discipline, every scope and every sector of Pakistan.


Our mission is to ensure that no woman in Pakistan experiences hardship, distress and is skilled enough to maintain an upright position in the society through being able to stand on her own feet for her rights through provision of job opportunities and enhancing their potential.

  • 07 Days on Average for candidate provision
  • 12,512+ Active Resumes
  • 400+ Females Placed


  • 1

    Acquiring information from Employer regarding the job vacancy

  • 2

    Personal visits to Employers' workplace for provision of suitable candidates according to workplace environment

  • 3

    Provision of services

  • 4

    Feedback from Candidates and Employers