Job Seekers interviewed “Mr. Talha Sufi” Senior HR Manager at “Shan Foods”

To assists Job Seekers, Khawateen interviewed “Talha Sufi”, who is working as Senior Manager HR, Leading Talent Acquisition, Compesnation and Benefits and HR operations at and HR operations at Shan Foods. The reason for interviewing “Talha Sufi” is to comprehend the importance of career counselling and crystal-clear career goals. This interview can certainly ignite fresh graduates to understand the prominence of career counselling.

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Why most of the times our education and job differ?

There are numerous examples of people working contrarily from what they have studied. However, according to Talha working differently is not bad but you need to be clearer about why are you choosing this way? and how are you going to do it?

“As far as you are doing something right, there is no harm in it” Talha.

What is the biggest gap between current graduates and the employee’s company looking for?

The reason for the biggest gap is lack of career counselling and people are not clear about their future career goals. The Shaan foods have a unique way of counselling session by the name of “Career Counseling Clinics”, they visit different universities to find cream people during their final year of graduation. The major success of Talha’s success was the clarity of his vision.

“The major gap according to me is people don’t identify what they want to do in their life, you need to have an understanding about the market, your interests and clear vision”

What are the top three skills for job seeks after COVID-19?

According to Talha there some anticipated changes after COVID-19, no doubt that businesses have a major blow but most of the businesses are trying to cope with the situation and things will be back on track soon. The employment opportunities will gradually increase, the students need to focus on their goals and do not get upset about the current crises.

“The three things which come to my mind is Flexibility, Ability of Multi-tasking and Facilitative approach”

Flexibility: According to Talha flexibility helps you adapt to the situation and how can you hold yourself, you have the flexibility to understand the revolving situation of the market.

The ability of Multi-Tasking: You don’t need to perform different duties at the same time, it is all about setting your priorities. It will help everyone to build the foundation of his/her career.

Facilitative approach: Assisting someone who needs your needs in the context of input, people need this approach to get things stable. Cooperation is the key to the need to facilitate each other whenever it is required.

Khawateen asked Talha that does he see any prominent skills in current graduates?

Since Talha is in HR management drive he knows many good and bad qualities in current graduates. According to Talha, many students have communication and confidence skills. Further, another point which he highlighted is the ability to initiate different projects which ultimately helps the organization.

“I find the most common skill in today’s generation is Confidence level, they are very confident and the drive of new initiatives”

On the role of universities, Talha said that the universities need to have a counseling session, which will help the students to have a clear notion/clue about what they are doing. Further, every institute needs to bring inspirational personalities to instigate students.

“The universities need to have guest speakers and visiting speakers on board”

On common interview question, Talha stated that common question which I have experienced is always associated with Strengths and Weaknesses. According to him, people need to be realistic because this question contracts from person to person. Being honest during your interview will help you to answer confidently. Talha further said that most of us lie during the interview which makes you nervous.

“Nobody is perfect, everybody has some areas of improvement, you need to be very honest”

Talha also highlighted the Promotion factor for employees, he said it entirely depends on individual potentialities and flexibility about doing a different task. Further, you need to have competencies and skills in managing your stakeholders also, you need to have leadership qualities.

Written by Shah Fahad

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