KRS Wins Growth Centric Award at Lift Pakistan

Commitment and consistent struggle are the keys to success. It is reverie of every organization showcase its competencies and aptitude at every podium. This time it is Khawateen Rozgar Services who prevailed and won the most growth-centric awardat ALL Pakistan SME award at LiftPakistanconference 2019.

L.I.F.T Pakistan conference is potentially designed for showcasing Pakistan veritable assets such as new and inimitable startups, SMEs (short-medium enterprises) and universities to edifice the entrepreneurial eco-system at national and international level. Further, this enhances the cooperation and coordination among supreme and foremost innovative startups along with their founding members and the most successful SMEs who has demonstrated its proficiencies and competencies in market through effective revenue generation. Also, the LiftPakistan embodies top HEC recognized universities, the top research students, new investors who are investing in startups at international level.

In short, the overall and inclusive goal of LiftPakistan is lifting Pakistan optimistic and pivotal contribution in global progress.

On Nov 6th, 2019 LiftPakistan held conference and representation activities at Pak-China friendship centre Islamabad. Khawateen Rozgar Services and the founders participated in the conference. The Khawateen added a special representational arcade to pilot and enlighten invitees about the mission, vision, and major doings and deeds of Khawateen Rozgar services. The visitors applauded and admired this inimitable podium to empower and acclimate women in male dominant society market.

It is every organization dream to become the most flourishing and most lucrative organization. consequently, this time it was Khawateen who looted the show. Khawateen Rozgar services were bestowed by the best growth-centric award by LiftPakistan conference at Pak-China friendship centre Islamabad on Nov 6, 2019. The award was granted by Sayed Zulfiqar (special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Overseas Pakistanis and HRD) to the founder of Khawateen Misbah Faiz. Many SMEs founders, startup members and investors participated in the conference. All the stakeholders and the participating members cherished the performance of Khawateen. The Syed Zulfiqar special Assistant to PM was intimidated with the idea and organizational structure of the Khawateen.

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Written by: Shah Fahad

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