Sexual Harassment On The Rise In Pakistan

Sexual Harassment On The Rise In Pakistan

It’s about time that we shed some light over this sensitive issue that has started embedding its root in almost every workplace of Pakistan and has scared many innocent souls. The harassment can be physical, emotional and psychological. The concept of workplace harassment triggers a cliché thought of women being the sole victims of such atrocity but men can be a target too.

Since the article is dedicated to women only so we will generalize the perspective from a woman’s point of view, the harassment can come from other women as well. Harassment issues often prevail in communities often lacking social education or remote areas where conventionally the role of women is not yet defined and when a woman starts to give definition to her role, she is suppressed.

Sexual harassment in the workplace:

But as much twisted as it gets the majority of the harassment cases are reported from the workplace sector and that too from the upper-level management. It is pretty obvious that the majority of the workforce is highly qualified and aware enough to have a clear concise of right and wrong but a question arises why does it still persist?

What do you mean by “Sexual harassment”?:

Before answering that we shall discuss what counts as harassment by definition it means; an attitude or behavior that annoys, upsets and embarrass somebody both physically and psychologically and the causes that triggers can be many such as a person belonging from a different ethnicity or race is often looked down upon in foreign community and is susceptible to harassment, personal or professional  jealousy  or in most cases sexual arousals . As many as 51,241 cases were registered pertaining to violence against women and harassment from January 2011 to June 2017.

No Fear Of Law:

Now let’s go back and answer the question that we left, why does it persist?  It’s simple and straight forward, lack of fear because the law enforcement does not take any serious action against such manipulation of the already existing laws of harassment that has been neglected and even the cases that are registered are very exhaustive for the victims to follow up the court’s long delays. (tareekh pay tareekh)

Bas Bohat Hogaya:

It is an undeniable reality that sexual harassment is a persuasive and persistent problem. It has infected every type of organization and none is left untouched. While the main focus of this blog was sexual harassment but we must stand together to create an environment and culture that has no tolerance to harassment of any kind.

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