Societal Pressure Has Damaged The Women OF Today

Societal Pressure Has Damaged The Women OF Today

Social pressure has an astonishing power to make or break a person. In our day to day life, we often come across many situations in which we are bound to act in a manner that should not hurt the feeling of the community that we are raised in.


The norms and customs become a burden when they become biased to a specific target group due to which suffering becomes inevitable. The suffering leads to disharmony among the individuals of the community which in turn may cause chaos considering such hypocrisy persists in the long term.

This article is dedicated to women only, so we will shed light on many societal factors that have suffocated the women in our society for a very long time. (Akhir kab thak?)


Women are expected to appear fabulous even at home or office and be put together at all times!!!. The society needs to accept that perfection is a myth and women should be given a breathing space to function properly. Change is good but not when it starts to affect your life.

Women need to understand that in order to change and outstand amongst the crowd, she doesn’t have to compare herself to other women or to match the lunatic standards raised by the society in order for her to be perfect and should change the way they were born to fit in someone’s idea of perfection.


A women can perform many tasks, but it often gets hectic when it becomes compulsory on her to  manage multiple tasks, from taking care of her family to managing the household activities, actively participating in social activities and if she is doing a 9 to 5 job, it adds a surplus toll on her worries and responsibilities. What we need to keep in mind is that no matter if a woman is capable of doing many tasks but it should be also understood that in the end, she is a human-like us and not indifferent to us in any way. The household responsibilities should be equally shared by men too.


Effects on the mental health of women due to societal pressure:

The normal perfect life is making women unhealthy and is affecting the mental health of women, most of the suicide cases reported are of the women that are the target of constant taunts from the society in order to match the demands of the society.

In Pakistan, the voice of women is suppressed because it doesn’t suit her to raise her voice in front of the self-proclaimed masters that don’t allow her to give herself a defined role in the community.

As a man, it is our obligation to respect the choices a woman in our household makes and even if he doesn’t get the support and appreciation of the others around us. Change always comes from within.

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