KRS wins Global Students Entrepreneurship Award (GSEA)

Success is the sum of minor exertions, repeated day-in and day out…

As we all know the Success is the sum of minor exertions, repeated day-in and day out… Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the leading global contesting podium for students who retain and manoeuvre a business and at the same time attending and concentrating on educational activities. Candidates who are nominated strive against their peers across the globe, they participate around the world in a sequence of succession in both International and national competitions in optimism to qualify and certified for GSEA event deciders. The GSEA was originated in 1998 by Saint Louis University Missouri US. Now, the GSEA has widely recognized Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

The Global Students Entrepreneurs Award Pakistan (GSEAP) 2019/20 contest was held in Islamabad and Peshawar. The Islamabad section quarter-finals event was held at National Incubation Centre, Islamabad on 23/11/2019. Where around 20 student entrepreneurs tossed their startups. The Peshawar contest was held in National Incubation centre Peshawar (NIC). In Peshawar, the vigorous and dynamic student entrepreneurs also tossed their business notions in obverse of the GSEA panel. The ideas and conceptions were impressive and inimitable considering the political, social and economic barriers.

Further, the panel was extensively enthralled by the Khawateen initiative. They commended and cherished the business idea. The panel also admired the existing operations of KRS. Additionally, the CEO of Khawateen Misbah Faiz presented the vision and mission of the startup.

Misbah Faiz introducing KRS mission & vision to GSEA panel

The KRS was a second-best in the semifinals with a slender brim in Global Students Entrepreneurship Award. The achievement is undeniably another landmark considering the performance of Khawateen in recent months. It is not easy and tranquil to accomplish something complimentary is such a diminutive time. However, these are the constructive affirmative outcomes of constant exertion of Misbah Faiz and her team.

Hence, KRS has reached to the finals alongside Karishma Ali (Metropolitan International United college), Syed Usman Shah (Abbottabad University of Science & Technology). All of them including Misbah Faiz (CEO of Khawateen) has to compete in finals. The Pakistan National competition of GSEA final is expected in Feb 2020.

I sturdily believe that KRS will steal the show in the upcoming finals of GSEA awards. The reason I am confident enough is because of the unique idea of this business. Correspondingly,  pushing women empowerment in a country where women have a plethora of cultural and pecuniary obstructions. Even if Khawateen does not win the finals, I still believe it will be a huge accomplishment because this will benefit Khawateen in international recognition.

Fortune favours the brave, I wish KRS luck for finals..!!


Written by Shah Fahad


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