This is one of my favorite topics which I choose to write on It about my own experience. When I search on Google I saw ten successful women names of Pakistani proud so I appreciated their efforts for the success of Pakistan pride.

Today my blog regarding successful women will be based on my day today observation that is also successful women of Pakistan.

British prime minister Napoleon Bona Part said to his public, you gave me good mothers I will give you a good our country success starts from housewife and ends to worker women, every woman is successful if she is serving her family in shape of housewife, if she is doctor or teacher or cooker so in every shape she is giving success to her country if she is looking after her family actually she is successful in her life.

In our society if a woman is uneducated and just caring her family in single form she is not appreciated in some cases as if she is earning or educated she is considering valuable, so women if educated on uneducated in both forms she is the successful women as she is sacrificing her pleasures for the rest and peace of her family either in single or in married form.

I have seen many successful women in my own life experience, village women she brought water in the pitcher on her head from far distance canal, she grows vegetables and looks after livestock to keep balance in house finance. Such successful women go to mountains and wild places to collect dry woods for fuel.

Last time in Hayatabad I saw one aged woman who collected big bundle of wet woods she was trying to reach it to her head but that bundle was so heavy then I moved to her side and helped her so she prayed me a lot and I gave her two oranges her energy was so down she quickly ate all oranges so she was the real hero of Pakistan as lost her energy but tried to cover fuels for her kids.

She told me that my daughter in law is sick and she is looking after her kids so I salute to such hardworking women of Pakistan who are hiding from the eye of the camera but off camera they giving big sacrifices to their families and buried their luxury life wishes.

Another village girls who wish to achieve high education but in teenage her family get to marry her and silently she decided in her mind that in future just by her own positive character she will fulfill her dreams, she will educate her kids so instead to run from home she takes care of her parents decision so she is the success of Pakistan.

This is time to take a step and appreciate such successful women in Pakistan. Another successful woman is poor but she sales eggs and stitch clothes she avoids her happiness and satisfies her family.

Written by: Samila Syed

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