Terms and Conditions

Welcome to KRS Terms and Conditions


1) In case any negotiation with the candidate is required, then the organization can at any time consult KRS for the purpose.

2) KRS will be sharing suggestions for more conducive environments with the employers.

3) KRS may take feedback from the Khawateen working in the organization for evaluation purposes.

4) Organizations shall ensure the safety of female candidate in the workplace in the best possible manner to make our workplaces more friendly.

5) In case a candidate refuses to join the concerned organization, then the organization must immediately contact KRS.

6) If a candidate does not show up for interview for Packages availed equivalent and above PKR 10,000 then, another alternate candidate shall be provided to the employer.

7) KRS provides best matched female human resource within 16 days, however, the average number of days for hiring is currently 07 days.

8) Employer Must report to KRS regarding the details of candidate that joins the employer.

9) Employer should avoid contacting any female candidate over and over again if they do not respond.

10) KRS does not provide services to organizations/companies that have total of one employee in their work place and that being male.

11) Employer shall ensure that information given to KRS is legit and there is no fake or false information given to KRS.

12) KRS shall provide free of cost alternate candidate if a candidate leaves within one month of hiring (only in case packages equivalent and more than PKR 10,000 are availed). In case of termination within one-month, alternate candidate (Number: 01) shall be provided only if the reason is valid according to evaluation of KRS and according to the organization’s (employer’s) HR policy.

13) In order to ensure responsible behaviour from the candidate’s side, employer must give employment contract to the employee along with the HR Policy on the first day of employment.

14) Employer’s should avoid keeping original documents of candidates for security purposes.

16) KRS takes its service charges, not the job placement charges.

17) Deposit of money indicates that the employers have read and understood all the guidelines mentioned in the “Terms and Conditions” document.

18) After interviews, the employer must contact the candidate themselves. In case a candidate leaves the employer must send an e-mail to KRS (hr@khawateen.org) so that another candidate can be recommended.

19) KRS is not responsible for any inappropriate behaviour/attitude of the candidates.

20) KRS is not responsible for theft in offices.

21) The fee deposited by the employer shall be non-refundable. In case more fee is deposited accidentally, then it shall be compensated in next transaction.

22) KRS does not provide services to employers offering less than 10,000PKR salary

*KRS is free to amend the guidelines/policy at any time.

Updated on : 7th 2020