The “7” Major Challenges for Women in the Workplace

Job is a fundamental activity for survival. However, due to an increase in global crises finding a job for men is a huge challenge. Likewise, in the case of women’s job, it is even more problematical because of social and cultural constraints. For a woman, it is very hard to work and support their families. Some of major issues for woman in workplace are listed below.

1.     Sexual Pestering

This delicate issue of workplace-sexism and pestering has become even more obvious in this modern era despite the enormous increase in modernization and development. The women avaricious up the courage to share their horrendous stories. It is miserable that women are statically facing these kinds of provocations in the workplace. Why does your erotic boss contemplate that he can entice you into his bureau on his own and attempt to seduce you or make a sexist remark as he’s passing by your designated area? Hence, we are all equal in the workplace, so if a colleague tries to disparage you, brace yourself and have the courage to respond and report his ugly intentions.

1.    Race and ethnicity

Despondently, racial, ethnical discrimination materializes in many workplaces. According to the status of women in Pakistan in 2019, a venture of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), is that for a woman of other colour than white makes it really hard to prove their capabilities and competencies. It is sentimentally throbbing that even in this developed age a black woman struggles more than white, they rarely make it to the top. Fortunately, celebrities and role models like Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, and Oprah Winfrey are swapping these observations, but a mediocre working woman is still facing this astute racism.

2.    Female Manifestation

Miserably, why every time a woman’s manifestation is adjudicated more than males? When it comes to clothing, body structure or complexion it is a woman who deals with this sort of issues. Occasionally, they criticize the women for their less polished personality. They see women as an object of manifestation and business deal. Because it is said that “A women with striped legs, can sell a table well”. Generally, they don’t concern about their job if they aren’t gorgeous and not wearing high heels. Conversely, if a woman pays attention to her appearance finding a job is not a challenge. They can overcome these issues if they are confident enough to face these challenges and kill these cultural norms.

3.    Domestic and Work-life Discrepancies

Additionally, another noticeable challenge for a woman is the disproportionality between her domestic and professional life. Her personal life inclines to endure consequences because of her professional commitments or vice-versa. Occasionally, her family tends to feel abandoned due to excessive workload and staying late at the office to conclude essential tasks. However, in broad-spectrum, it is a woman who has to compromise on her job and has to skip her job for their families.

4.    Pregnancy Discernment

For a woman, it is enormously difficult to deal with her job when she becomes pregnant. A plethora of women feel anxious about initiating her job during pregnancy. she feels that her pregnancy will finish her career. Likewise, according toguardian testimony, an estimated 50,000+ per annum loses jobs due to pregnancy. Although, a lot of women reappearance occurs after realizing that their job descriptions and role is changed. So, why a woman has to experience this sort of gender discrimination? I leave this question to you.

5.    Gender biasness

Imagine being a girl, when you enter a room for a job interview. What kind of questions can you expect from the interviewer? Many girls experience gender-based questions i.e. ‘Are you married?’ or ‘Do you have children?” if No then do you have the plan to have children?  In most of the time, a woman is left pondering that what is association between the personal questions and my skills. Although the hiring manager might just be asking to get to know you on a personal level, the interview is the wrong place to be doing it. Also, why don’t men get asked the same question? The personal plans should not be discussed. Such question can jeopardize the chances of women to avail any job. However, many women empowering organizations like Khawateen Rozgar services and Aurat Foundation is raising these issues to provide space for woman.

6.   The Ego clatters

Usually, a Men’s ego is so fragile, they don’t like taking orders from women irrespective of any designation, for them, it jingles like cavemen bunkum. Gloomily, this sort of inequality exists in Pakistan. In this patriarchal culture, for a man, it is relatively disrespectful and unusual for obeying the orders of women as boss. This is because of the historical male-dominant culture in most part of the world. However, the acceptance of strong women with exceptional leadership skills is increasing due to distinctive real-life case studies. Hence, this ego clatter is a social and male chauvinistic phenomenon, artificially created to suppress women.

Every woman deserves to have equal opportunities as a man, it is our duty to sort out all these concerns and disputes. The only way is to educate the uneducated and change these wicked norms.

Written by: Shah Fahad




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