Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

I have always kept in mind that no nation can ever be worthy of their existence until they take along their women with them.

Women- Labelled Inferior:

We, the whole of humanity, is an integral part of society and need to work along in all circumstances with courage and motivation. Women empowerment and gender equality are always used interchangeably as women demand to enjoy the same status in society as men do.

We all are ‘perfectly imperfects’ in this world and that is perfectly alright. Even our peaceful religion Islam preaches us to stand for equality as we all are chips of the same block. Man or woman, both are created from a single entity and are basically equal genders. As a gender, one is not superior to the other. Both share the same rights and status in society.

This evil of gender inequality is created by us all, we ourselves are the culprit for this. Those who try to pull you down are already below you. Our life has a wide horizon so, do not limit the challenges rather challenge the limits.

Being a feminist I believe, ‘I aspire to inspire before I expire’.

Women- A Key Contributor:

Taking a brief look at women’s political representation in Pakistan is greater than in other neighboring countries. Out of 342, women now account for 20.2% of seats in National Assembly. In Senate, they make up 19.2% seats. Pakistan ranked as one of the 30th countries which had women as Speaker in the National Assembly and the first Muslim female Prime Minister.

The role of women in politics ensures that overall, work is done in favor of women folk. Working women believe that they can contribute to the financial matters of their families. With ever-rising inflation, two working people would surely help the family financially. Apart from the material gains, working women are self-actualized entities. They are confident as they know that their abilities are being utilized in the best way which inculcates a sense of satisfaction and contentment, thus ensuring harmony in the overall environment.

Women- A Survivor :

Despite the inconveniences and obstacles that persist, our women’s bright future should not be a victim of circumstances. We need to be a living example of breaking barriers and should put ourselves in a dominant role which will make us acknowledge our self-worth and be kind to ourselves in order to be kind to others. This will surely provoke our generation to do just and have justice by denying bigotry in all social norms. We are no one to command someone aimlessly rather should preserve honor and dignity of other folks by protecting their rights through thick and thin.

Life is a journey in a jungle where there is only ‘Survival of the Fittest’, it does not mean we need to be powerful or arrogant but we should have that roar within ourselves that no one could harass us. So, Live a life of contentment. This evolved era has foster unique doors of opportunity for our women to contribute to collective transformation unfolding in this great age of change.

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