Working women Problems in Pakistan

Working women Problems in Pakistan:

Women in Pakistan are continuously on their daily basis facing challenges ranging from domestic life to work life. Especially when it comes to their advancement in their work-life, they are left behind in many fields of work and the society doesn’t seem to give them a definite role and decision making authority or not give them the rank or promotion that they truly deserve. In this article, we will go through a number of problems faced by working-class women in Pakistan.

Flexibility in working arrangements:

Flexible work arrangements are the essential needs of working women, FWA determines the time, place and schedule of the working place. Flexible arrangements are the main attraction of an organization but such privileges sometimes fall short for women in many organizations or are not suitable according to the basic requirement of many women. Women often suffer while compromising to meet the requirements of the organization and resulting in quitting the job.

Gender and Race Discrimination:

The race and color of a woman trigger unconscious bias. Women continue to deal with some of the horrific remarks about their ethnic backgrounds and about their racial association in the workplace that negatively affects their work-life and puts a barrier in their growth and development inside the workplace.

Lack of Hot Opportunities:

Not every opportunity is created for women and not all the offices offer women the same incentives and privileges as men. Women still are left behind in job fields of the highest level of leadership.

The Alien women:

The feeling of being alienated in the workplace demotivates an employee, women often feel the same. It decreases the overall job satisfaction and increases the job turnover of female employees which puts a strain on an organization.

Pregnancy biased:

It becomes extremely difficult to be pregnant or have a baby and work at the same time. It has severely affected the career line of many women in Pakistan. As the concept of maternity leave is scarcely found in offices of Pakistan, More women have to give up their career to take care of their children


The appearance of women is judged more than males. No matter how much a woman puts effort into the work, she is always judged by the way she dresses, however dressing is a key component of signifying a role model. But why do women always receive criticism regarding their appearance and not men? The problems lie within the mentality of women being too insignificant to men.

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